Sex addiction

A person that is addicted to sex will spend most of his day thinking about sex to the point of disengagement of his surroundings. The only way to change this situation is to recognise the existence of the addiction and start treating it. There are 4 warning lights that can help you identify it. Becoming addicted to hyper-sexual drive and constant engagement with sexual content damages the quality of life of a growing number of ‘normal’ people. The purpose of treating this addiction is not promoting sexual abstinence but to regain control over one’s life. The majority of referrals for treatment for sexual and porn addiction is from the addict’s partner and not the addicts themselves. This c


As a mom you only want what’s best for your kids but these days we are just inundated with information regarding what to eat, what not to eat, this contains antibiotics, etc… Cow's milk is one of those controversial issues and something I consciously have reduced in my own diet because it interferes with my asthma. I have researched so many things to substitute milk for my son, soja, almond milk, rice milk etc… In the end I settled mainly on Almond milk after asking Udi for advice obviously. There are so many factors to consider, sugar content, does it contain enough calcium, vitamins and what are the additives in it. We are not dairy free at home, we do eat cheese and we can’t resist an It

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