Fruit that can make you fat

Summer fruits are one of the wonderful bonuses of this season. Who doesn’t love them? But before you start stuffing yourself with fruit as if they’re about to run out of season, you should pay attention that they don’t mess up your diet. Fruit contain sugar (fructose), sometimes in a surprising quantity. Most of us love fruit, especially eating them chilled whilst sitting in our airconditioned rooms. The problem is that we shouldn’t really consume them without limitation. And it’s important to know which of them contain greater amounts of sugar that potentially can put our diet at risk. Grapes and mango, for example, contain 15% sugar to a serving, which means that a small bunch of grapes

Aquafaba - The nectar of the Gods?

Health food aficionadas love a good trend—there's been the never-ending kale wave, the love affair with Brussels sprouts, and the silly obsession with juice cleanses and teatoxes. Now, there's a new trend in town I think you're going to see a lot more of: chickpea water… aka aquafaba. Chickpeas—aka hummus beans, aka garbanzo beans —are a vegan favourite. They're an abundant source of protein, fibre, and complex carbs. (not to mention that they are also what makes up the love of my life, hummus, but I digress.) Chickpea water, more formally known in the culinary circles as aquafaba, isn't the type of water you'd pour in a glass and slurp up on a hot day. It's the actual juice left in the can

How does biofeedback help in reducing stress.

In Whole Is Well we use Biofeedback methodology that involves using visual and auditory feedback to gain control over involuntary bodily functions. In this case, stress. This often includes gaining voluntary control over such things as heart rate, muscle tension, blood flow, pain perception and blood pressure. How Is Biofeedback Used? Biofeedback can be used for a range of applications, including: Treating tension headaches, migraines, and other pain Controlling high and low blood pressure Alleviating digestive disorders Helping patients control physical reactions to stress or anxiety Aiding in relaxation and stress management Biofeedback has also been shown to be effective in treating and

Quick kitchen detox

Detox your kitchen in four easy steps Detoxing the body is the new buzz word. Today I would like to speak about detoxing your kitchen as an integral component of detoxing your body. For most people the word detox make them think about something their body does to lose weight, support the liver and improves the way they feel and look. But to ensure your body is detoxed, it is important to detox your kitchen as well. If you make your kitchen a safe haven that contains nutritious rather than harmful foods, it will automatically assist you in making the correct nutritional choices. Basically, if your kitchen is full of crap, so will your tummy be. And in my experience, no matter how much will

How to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer.

Now that my gorgeous wife and her friends are doing the juice fast challenge and all of our fridges are stocked to the brim with vegetables (and some fruit), this issue becomes very relevant. We’ve all experienced fruit and vegetables we’ve bought spoil earlier then we’ve managed to consume them. It is estimated that we throw away about 20% of all the fruit and veg we buy due to spoilage. Here are a few tricks that will help you keep your fruit and veg a while longer. Store fruit and veg that emit ethylene gas in the process of ripening separately from fruit and veg that are sensitive to ethylene gas. The following are ethylene gas producers: Honeydews Peaches Tomatoes Pears Apricots Nectar

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