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How does biofeedback help in reducing stress.

In Whole Is Well we use Biofeedback methodology that involves using visual and auditory feedback to gain control over involuntary bodily functions. In this case, stress. This often includes gaining voluntary control over such things as heart rate, muscle tension, blood flow, pain perception and blood pressure.

How Is Biofeedback Used?

Biofeedback can be used for a range of applications, including:

  • Treating tension headaches, migraines, and other pain

  • Controlling high and low blood pressure

  • Alleviating digestive disorders

  • Helping patients control physical reactions to stress or anxiety

  • Aiding in relaxation and stress management

  • Biofeedback has also been shown to be effective in treating and managing symptoms of certain brain injuries, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

We use biofeedback to help patients control their response to stress. Chronic stress can have a wide range of negative health effects including decreased immunity, heart disease, depression, digestive problems and sleep disorders. By learning how to manage the stress response using biofeedback, patients are able to decrease the harmful physical and psychological effects of stress. Read more about Biofeedback HERE

Why do people choose to try this technique? Biofeedback may appeal in situations where other treatments have not been effective or where people are unable or willing to take certain medications. Biofeedback also teaches people how to control their own responses in stressful situations, which can help people feel more in control.

So how exactly does biofeedback work? By learning how to recognize the physical signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety, such as increased heart rate, body temperature, and muscle tension, people are able to learn how to relax. ‘We believe that it is often the stress response, the body's tendency to go into a state of "fight-or-flight" in order to deal with potential threats, that often exacerbates certain conditions. By learning how to control physiological responses to stress, biofeedback patients are able to learn how to relax their minds and bodies and better cope with the symptoms of stress.

Training with the Heartmath Biofeedback system is easy, cost-effective and quite entertaining. For more information, contact me on

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