Are you a Monaco grazer?

Is eating every 3 hours a good or bad idea? You snack so you don’t arrive famished at mealtime, and sometimes you might even start enjoying to swap your main meal for smaller food nibbles. At the same time, you might like to polish-off the meal with something sweet. You’re hardly going to say no to the dessert that comes with the lunch menu at Maya Bay or the new Maya Jah, and who doesn’t eat as much as they can get away with of their kid’s cookie at Stars’n’Bars … sound familiar? You could be suffering from what I like to call a Common-Grazing Syndrome (CGS): a typical feeding habit which encourages eating addiction and is one of the main reasons for not being able to lose weight. So, what

Keto Diet - Is it for me?

Fat makes food tastier and help us feel full, there for it’s a no-brainer why high-fat ketogenic diet has become so popular over the last 3 years. There’s not a day gone by that I’m not asked about it and some of my clients even brought keto cook books to the clinic to ask me about specific recipes. However, the keto diet has been around for much longer and is a common treatment for epilepsy since the early 1920’s. It has also shown some clinical potential in treating brain cancer. But is it useful for weight loss? As with most weight loss programmes there are the scientifically factual pros and cons and there’s my own objective opinion which I will get to at the end of this blog entry. If

Sparkling water versus still water

Now that the heat is back on and at the request of SWMBO here’s something a little more fluid You go to a restaurant… you sit down… the waiter comes and the first question he asks is ‘still or sparkling’. Confused? Have pre-conceptions? Let’s sort out fact from the fiction… To clarify from the outset, not all types of water are the same. Different sources have different qualities and at the end of the day it’s pretty much down to personal choice. One word of warning, though, some brands have more sodium than others which can be a cause of consideration for people on low sodium intake (you know who you are!). Depending on whom you ask, some ‘experts’ claim that sparkling water can cause so

Superfoods versus a balanced diet

Many Foodie-Gurus brainwash you relentlessly to consume 'superfoods'. Superfoods seems to have become a buzzword which I'm repeatedly being asked about in my clinic. Are they the solution to all our ailments and a substitute to a healthy lifestyle? Superfoods come in all shapes and forms, from raw foods, through pastes to powders. Some come on their own and some are ‘blended’. Good quality superfoods are good for you, but here’s a little unknown fact: you can still have a super diet without having to splurge on expensive superfoods. It’s all about a balanced diet – not just a few superfoods that proclaim to be do miracles. Here are top supermarket foods that pack a nutritional punch, are

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