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What's the difference between resting, relaxing and recharging.

Are they different? Are they the same? Do we need all three? YES-YES-and-YES. Resting can be relaxing but it can be more than that and it can lead to recharging, but recharging is also different. There, have I cleared things up? It is time to do all three!


REST We need to rest when we are tired. Rest helps us move forward, rest is a necessity needed from an action we have taken which depletes us physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Here are some ways to rest:

1. Take a day off! And I mean really take it off! Don't check e-mails, or phone messages, don't do the thing that is expected when you are working.

2. Sleep! Perhaps that means taking a nap if necessary but go to bed early and purposefully. 3. Be aware of what your body is telling you. If you are a runner and something hurts....maybe now you are a jogger, or a walker. Look for and listen to stress indicators and then act on them.


Relaxing is active. I know that sounds like an oxymoron but the difference between resting and relaxing is this: When you rest you cease to do the norm which tires you out.

When you relax you do something to ease your body, mind or spirit. Here are some examples for ways to relax:

1. Take a walk, swim, float, do yoga etc. some sort of movement which changes your frame of mind and lets your body unwind.

2. Read, or write or compose.

3. Play! solitaire, or a group game or anything that lets you "be" in a totally different space from the norm.

Recharge When we recharge we are building something into our repertoire which will encourage us and sustain us for our daily activities, stressors and anxiety. Here are some examples for ways to recharge.

1. Take a class, learn something new 2. Serve! (My grandma used to say, "Whenever you're sad, whenever you're blue, do something nice for someone sadder than you !) 3. Engage in a favourite hobby or start a new one. Engage/develop your creativity

4. Meditate! I personally prefer Heartmath (look it up, it’ll be worth your while)

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