Sugar - all or nothing?

Until not so long ago, as many of you may still remember, fat was considered the enemy of all healthy diets. Before that it was cholesterol and before that salt. Now days, the sugar-free diet has blasted onto the health and wellness scene -- and seems to have taken first place in many people’s new year’s resolution (even bypassing reducing alcohol consumption). Sugar-free diets motivate people to avoid refined white sugar (sucrose), natural sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup, refined flours, condiments, soft drinks, sweets and some fruits rich in sugar such as figs, grapes, mango, bananas and more. Some diets also recommend removing or restricting dairy products all together. Those who

Coffee on trial.

Neither my wife nor Starbucks are likely to agree with this blog, but let’s face it: almost all of us love our coffee, which is the number one source of antioxidants in our diet – which actually makes me a little of sad. A question I get often both at the clinic and whilst socialising is coffee good or bad for you? In a recent animal study, researchers saw improvements in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and cholesterol when mice consumed coffee together with fat. (more about this combination below.) They also found coffee can help reduce gut permeability or the condition known as leaky gut. On the benefits side, studies show coffee decreases the risk for type 2 diabetes, and cancer

Should I skip bread to lose weight?

BREAKFAST IS THE USUAL TIME TO ASK YOURSELF SHOULD I SKIP BREAD TO LOSE WEIGHT? Buttered, toasted or slathered with PNB and jam it’s hard to beat a fresh slice of bread (just ask my wife Heidi), but is it a diet’s friend or a foe? Let’s find out the truth... Should I skip bread to lose weight? NO, bread can be a healthy choice. It all depends on how much and what kind you eat. A whole-grain slice is more likely to make you feel fuller, but if slimming-down is your goal, check your bread’s calories and serving size before you gobble it down. Healthy bread is darker, right? Not necessarily, colour doesn’t tell you much about its nutrition. In fact, some manufacturers often add sugar to make lo

How to Tactfully Tell Your Other-Half That They Are Gaining Weight

Some conversations within a couple must be managed with tact and sensitivity. A partner’s weight can be a particularly sensitive subject. You may be wondering whether to mention the fact that your partner has put on weight. You may be hoping they will become aware of it themselves and take appropriate action to slim down without any input from you. However, if your partner continues to gain weight and you can see that it is affecting their confidence and self-esteem, you can speak to them about it in a way that won't hurt they’re feelings. Here’s a few tips: Tip 1 Educate yourself about body weight and weight loss. Many medical professionals use the Body Mass Index to work out whether a per

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