The 4 major metabolic factors that will help you lose weight.

If you are trying to lose weight without learning what are the most important parts of your metabolism and health in general, you’re going to have a really hard time releasing stubborn body fat. As a wholistic nutritionist, I cringe every time I read a diet book or article suggesting you should lower your calories, exercise more, eat fat-free, or take a latest metabolism-boosting supplement. Your body is a temple and temples are built with a solid foundation. If you neglect your foundation and try to lose weight, your body/temple will come crumbling down (in nutritional terms, you’ll gain more weight). Learning about the 5 major metabolic factors responsible for your ability to burn fat off

Still, sparkling, mineral, tap, filtered... what's your choice?

In our home you will not find any soft drinks. Our liquid diet at home consists of almond milk, teas, the occasional coffee and water. Personally I am not great at drinking enough water so I have a few tricks to get me to the required volume. I bought myself a cool cup to drink from, I sometimes jazz up my water with frozen fruit and I have to admit that for a short while I had an app on my phone to remind me to have a glass of water. I also prefer sparkling to still water and since my water cup has a straw, I have nothing to worry about! My mom on the other hand is a true water connoisseur because contrary


Several months ago, a random blood test revealed that I have an helicobacter pylori infection. Imagine my surprise, especially when I was not experiencing any apparent symptoms… or so I thought. Since blood can carry antibodies from a previous infection, I’ve confirmed the existence of the infection with two additional simple tests that can be carried out at home (one is a stool test and the other is a breath test, both test are inexpensive, done at home and posted to the lab in the UK for quick diagnosis). The general theme of bad bug overgrowth wasn't new to me through my clinical experience– I'd already been treating patients with Candida, SIBO, Lyme, EBV, herpes, strep, pylori, candida

Dietary fact: fat or fiction?

I know I’ve written about this subject previously and you’ll have to excuse me for banging on about this issue again but it seems that there’s still a lot of confusion, and many (including healthcare practitioners) still hold on to myths and misinformation that prevents them and their patients from taking advantage of the latest science to lose weight and live healthier. So, let’s give this another whirl. It’s likely that you’re familiar with many of these myths: Fat makes us fat, contributes to heart disease, leads to diabesity; saturated fat is bad; vegetable oils are good…I could continue, but I think you get the gist of it. None of these are true. Fat is one of the body’s basic buildin

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