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Teens and stress

If you are a teen or a helper for teens (such as a parent or a teacher) and have stumbled upon this post, I applaud you. You are here seeking answers to address teen stress, and what you will find here will help you in ways you have probably never imagined. This stress solution only requires a little bit work of and commitment. HeartMath™ techniques and exercises are based on the hard science relating our brains and bodies. They have helped other teens manage stress and find success. I know them to be truly effective because they have helped scores of teens on our programs.

Today’s world is an increasingly stressful place for teens. Youth today are faced with immense and increasing stresses, including bullying, divorce, drugs, and even violence. The digital media world swamps us with information and can be like taking a bath in stress. Regardless of the form of stress or anxiety we are facing, our brains react in a pattern that has been established over time. Heartmath offers a healthy alternative pattern to counter those established patterns and master stress.

I found HeartMath’s solution to managing our stress-filled world when I had been coaching extremely troubled people, including high-level athletes, media personalities and successful business people. Since then, I’ve mastered HeartMath’s techniques and its accompanying easy-to-use technology. I had never encountered a more scientifically sound yet simple way to manage stress. I began to experiment and discovered various ways to teach the information successfully to adolescents. Even the most resistant and stressed youth told me they could feel it working. In my programs, we have done this work with large groups of youth, individuals, and even families. All of this work has created the same result: mastery of one’s internal world while navigating the rough seas of the adolescent stage of life.

Through the years I have seen many youths heal from various levels of stress, anxiety, and even trauma through the power in HeartMath’s techniques. One particular young man comes to mind. He suffered from depression and struggled socially, his parents were divorced, he struggled at school and he managed stress poorly. When he completed our program, he was so deeply empowered that he went on to train all his classmates. HeartMath transformed his life and he carried it on to help others de-stress.

I have often wished that, during my time navigating the rough seas of my own teen years, I would have had access to these solutions. I was a teen in a holocaust survivors’ family, and a mostly absent father. All of the stresses of life built to the point of my needing relief. I was desperate for a way out but had no healthy solution, and I grasped for any way out I could find. Unhealthy endeavours became a short-term solution that led to more stressors and more alienation. Do yourself, and the teens you care about a favour and reach for this healthier, effective HeartMath solution.

Learning HeartMath’s solutions to stress, anxiety, anger and other emotional challenges may be done privately or in groups, face-to-face or over the phone. Please contact us for more information.

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