What Your Resting Heart Rate Can Tell You About Your Health

Your resting heart rate (RHR) is a number you may not ever think about, or at least no very often. However, it’s one of the most important numbers you should know in relation to your health. Not only can your resting heart rate be used to track your fitness level and target your workouts, but it can also alert you to an assortment of potential health risks. Therefore, getting to know your RHR—and what’s normal for you—it can help be more informed about your health. You RHR can tell you that: You’re Not Active Enough - A normal resting heart rate for an average adult is 60 to 100 beats per minute (bpm) or 40 to 60 bpm for athletes and people who exercise vigorously on a regular basis. If you’


Is being intelligent and emotionally intelligent the same thing? Emotional intelligence gives us the ability to read our instinctive feelings and those of others. Furthermore, it allows us to understand and label emotions as well as express and regulate them. You probably think that you can already do that. We spot and understand emotions in ourselves and others and label them accurately in order to guide our patterns of thoughts and actions. However, studies show that most of us tend to overrate our own emotional intelligence. That's important because our ability to read, understand and respond to emotions in ourselves and others is a crucial aspect in predicting our health, happiness and

Glycaemic index versus glycaemic load

A question I often come across is what the difference between GI and GL is. Let’s see if we can clear this up for you once and for all because it’s quite an important issue when it comes to our diet. Definitely more than counting calories. The glycaemic index is a measure of how quickly and how high our blood sugar rises after we eat. I’m sure you’ve seen tables or list indicating the GI in different food stuff. However GI is not nearly as important as a less famous measure called the glycaemic load (GL). So let’s see what we mean by GL. When we eat any food- especially carbohydrate and to some extent protein- our blood sugar goes up. (It hardly goes up at all when we eat fat though). In res

The five worst foods for your sleep

My wife always says that a woman needs her beauty sleep. There’s a lot of truth in that. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. The way you feel while you're awake depends in part on what happens while you're sleeping. During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. In children and teens, sleep also helps support growth and development. Yet, nearly a third of adults in developed countries are sleeping just six hours or less each night, putting them at risk of adverse health effects (such as heart disease and obesity) and potentially fatal drows

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