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As a mom you only want what’s best for your kids but these days we are just inundated with information regarding what to eat, what not to eat, this contains antibiotics, etc…

Cow's milk is one of those controversial issues and something I consciously have reduced in my own diet because it interferes with my asthma.

I have researched so many things to substitute milk for my son, soja, almond milk, rice milk etc… In the end I settled mainly on Almond milk after asking Udi for advice obviously.

There are so many factors to consider, sugar content, does it contain enough calcium, vitamins and what are the additives in it.

We are not dairy free at home, we do eat cheese and we can’t resist an Italian hot chocolate (which I am sure contains some form of cream!) when we go cycling along the riviera but I do believe that too much dairy is not good. This from a girl who grew up in the country side picking up fresh milk from the farm next door on a regular basis but I am talking 35 years ago now and I think that things have changed substantially since then! I even met farmers in the US who told me that they themselves consume very little dairy since they know the production process very well.

So I have started substituting milk with coconut milk for baking, almond milk for smoothies and I have switched to black coffee. I do feel a lot better when I consume less dairy (including my beloved cheese!) and my asthma is very well controlled now, I only have to switch my diet to high sugar and high dairy to see the effects it has on my health.

But of course everyone should make up their own minds and find a way of life and eating that fits their needs!

To help you make up your mind I recommend reading this article Udi wrote in the past on all the different non-milk dairy substitutes. It’s an interesting read!

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