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Super foods from a super foodie

I’ve been asked by Naomi Buff from Naomi’s kitchen to review her superfood blends. I would start at the end and tell you that I’m giving it the thumbs up.

Here’s the blurb….

You’ve likely heard conflicting information about nutrient supplementation, whether they come in pill or powder form. With thousands of multivitamins, minerals, and other unpronounceable supplements popping out of every corner, it’s no wonder people are confused.

Which of these pills and potions are legit, if any? Are the people that buy these just investing in really expensive pee? Even worse, can supplements damage our body?

Our diet shifts further and further away from nutrient-dense foods like high-quality animal protein and vegetables, nutrient deficiency is becoming a widespread epidemic. I witness that every day at my clinical work.

Nutrient deficiencies hurt your performance, causing DNA damage, making you age faster, and contributing to chronic disease. But even if you’re following a more nutrient-dense diet full of quality protein and fats, you can no longer rely on getting all of your nutrients from food.



Dr Trevor Cates explains it quite well… so there’s no point in me repeating it here.

But let’s focus on Naomi’s blends now. I’ve ordered the I’m Lean and I’m Superman blends, paid for them and sold them on to 3 of my clients whom I thought might benefit from taking them, and I asked for the clients to report back on their experience.

The blends arrived by post one day after ordering them online in nice professional

packaging and with additional supporting materials. The packaging is durable and resealable but I found the labelling a little difficult to read (without my reading glasses) …. although maybe taking the blends will improve my aging eyesight 😊

The responses I got from the 3 clients were quick to arrive with all of them initially saying that when they mixed the blends in water the taste was not great. When I mentioned it to Naomi she suggested some recipes (which are also on her website) that make consuming the blends more palatable. The ensuing comments from the clients were quite favourable.

So now that we established that they can taste well let look at some other issues.


Is it a good idea to take superfood blends?

Generally speaking, almost everyone can benefit from enhancing their diets by adding nutrients. Especially those people with very busy and demanding lives, which is almost all of us.

Is it a meal replacement?

I would say probably better to take with food or as a snack rather than a meal replacement.

Is it good quality?

Can’t tell without taking it through lab tests, but I know the scientist who created them and I trust Naomi not to compromise on quality.

Is it better than other brands?

I don’t know. I’ve not tried others.

Is the price right?

I did compare it to a few other available brands and it seems to be comparing well.

Where can I purchase it?

You can order it from Naomi’s Online Shop or from a growing list of stockists.

Is taking the blends going to make all my symptoms go away?

Unlikely, but it can certainly help with problems sleeping, fatigue, stress, diet imbalance etc.

Is taking the blends better than taking supplements that were tailor-made to me by a healthcare professional?

If your general is good and you’re not aware of any specific deficiencies or concerns than the blend will do just fine. However, if you have known deficiencies or have symptoms that suggest deficiencies the blend are good but not as good as having a tailor made solution for several reasons. The blends are made to address the general population and therefore do not contain every ingredient in the book. It does contain the very important ones. In addition, the blends are meant for creating a balance but if there’s a sever deficiency, the dosage in the blend is unlikely to remedy it as well as a dosage recommended by a healthcare professional.

So what’s the bottom line?

All in all a very good experience in terms of service and taste. If you are in good health you are likely to benefit from the blends and if you’re in search of enhancing your health, the blends can definitely help. However, they are not meant to replace consulting with a professional or seeking medical attention.

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