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New: special Bluetooth version for Apple and Android phones and tablets.


Technology is reversing techno-stress with the new Inner Balance™ Trainer from HeartMath - world leaders in science-based stress solutions.

The same mobile devices that can bring unruly stress to their operators – email overload, battery shortcomings, or untimely phone calls –can now, in the palm of a hand, help them achieve emotional balance, or as HeartMath® calls its new device Inner Balance™.


The new Inner Balance trainer is the latest stress reduction tool from HeartMath, leaders in personal wellness for more than 20-years, to help people take charge of their well-being using the power of the heart and their smart devices. In a day and age when technology can bring as much stress as it can fruitfulness, HeartMath developers are bearers of the rare fruit – so to speak – in providing an innovative solution for people to refocus their emotions and regain inner balance using the latest technology. Technology causing distress and imbalance is a real phenomenon. In one study where college students were asked to voluntarily disconnect from technology for an entire day, nearly 80 percent experienced significant panic, confusion, mental and physical distress, and feelings of isolation.

Inner Balance™ Trainer (Bluetooth sensor) for iPhone and Android

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