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Fat Loss Challenge

Fat Loss Challenge

Join us on the 60 day fat loss challenge.

You should lose fat and not muscle!

In the 60-day challenge we are about to embark on, we address all the factors necessary to look and feel great:

  • How much you eat.

  • What and when you eat.

  • How often you train

  • Your overall lifestyle (stress, sleep, recovery)


We all at some point find ourselves struggling with our diets. We acquire bad habits, gain weight and start to feel yucky. We feel exhausted and lethargic. We don’t like what we see in the mirror and yet we feel completely unmotivated to change anything.  This is a terrible place to be.

A challenge is a great way to get back on track and lose weight the right way.

We’ve done several of these challenges over the years and it has resulted in some great transformations.

Isn’t it time to join us?

On this challenge You can choose to follow one of three tracks:

Performance (Aimed towards getting stronger and hitting new PR’s in the gym)
Weight loss (Aimed towards sustainable fat-loss)
Vitality (Aimed towards overall health and wellbeing)


Those of you who want to do Performance or Fat-loss will need to take body fat composition test for the reasons explained above. Over the past several challenges we’ve seen this is the best way to predictably and consistently lose weight and perform better.


The third option is Vitality doesn’t require you to take the test. And, you guessed it, it is based on eating clean. The primary aim of this track though is not weight-loss. By eliminating certain foods from your diet, we can find out if it positively affects your health. Grains, Gluten, dairy and processed foods can adversely affect many people without them evening being aware of it.


You may have allergies or intolerance from certain foods causing inflammation and the way only way to determine that is either by eliminating them from your diet or taking a food intolerance test. Vitality will be a 60-day practice of our specially designed balanced diet to help you determine that.


To find out more on the benefits of a balanced diet go here.


It will be structured eating program with limitations on certain foods. It is ideal for someone who does not have aggressive weight-loss goals and just wants to feel better overall.  Every day you will log based upon your success (or failure) to stick to the program.

Each track of the challenge will be geared towards your goals. It is structured in way to be sustainable for the long-term. Having said that, it is not easy. Only do this challenge if you are serious and committed to stick to it and follow through.

Get support



The challenge will involve accountability peer groups with whom you will check-in with throughout the challenge.

You will also gain access to our private Facebook group where you’ll find a wealth of recipes and wisdom from those doing the challenge with you.

Price: €199 (includes everything apart from food and personal training).

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