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contact us for a presentation on corporate stress management and improve your staff's productivity and efficiency. 

“When our vibrations are up … we respond to stressful situations with soundness, resilience and clearer discernment. We are less vulnerable to frustration, impatience, anger, anxiety, and we feel more self-secureand less critical of others and of ourselves. We are drawn to notice nature, flowers and trees that we usually sleep-walk past, as our preoccupations rob us of this gift of conscious connection.”

 Doc Childre, HeartMath founder

Cardiovascular diseases are the highest cause of death in the world. Many of these deaths may be workplace related. Long hours at work seem to be influencing the increased risks of heart diseases. Workplace stress can be defined as the "discrepancies between the physiological demands within a workplace and the inability of employees to either manage or cope with such work demands." The varied nature and perception of stress are exemplified from literature that shows stress being either a stimulus, or a response, or a stimulus – response combination, also known as a transactional relationship between one or more individuals and the environment, leading to an initiative toward a physiological standpoint.

Corporate seminars, workshops and presentations from 1500€

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